Friday, June 10, 2011


Baby G has had two baby showers thrown in his honor. The first shower was in my hometown with mostly family, and the second shower was in the town where we live with mostly friends.

Several people made us gifts for our little guy so I thought I'd showcase them here. Ready?!

First up is a baby blanket that my Aunt Sandra crocheted in pastel yarn:
My cousin Heather made Baby G this adorable little hat in blue and white:
My friend Alison over at Crafty Weeks made a neat diaper bag with an attached, fold-out changing pad. Here it is with the changing pad folded up and velcroed:
And here it is with the pad folded out:
Love this fabric! She also made a pacifier clip to's sitting on the changing pad, but it's blending in because it's the same fabric. See if you can spot it...

One of the ?L's motorcycle friends (yes, the ?L is in a motorcycle gang) crocheted us a baby blanket in blue, yellow, and white:
My friend B* made us a cozy hooded towel with matching washcloth:
I'm not 100% positive how she made it (I forgot to find out her secrets), but it appears that she took a regular bath towel and sewed a hood made out of a matching hand towel onto it. The washcloth has a cute dinosaur fabric on one side and the matching terry on the other side.

And last, but certainly not least, my friend EG made us this awesome quilt using Moda fabrics:
You can see the reverse side here:
Check out those leafies and mushrooms! The colors are just great. I am always astounded by quilting. I've never attempted it myself. I should really quilt something. Perhaps that will be my next crafty endeavor.

Thanks to all you ladies for such wonderful, crafty gifts!

In non-crafty news, I found out that I don't have gestational diabetes! No pricking my fingers! That was a relief. The due date is getting close now!

Leaf out.