Friday, September 17, 2010

Flowery Friday

Happy Friday! 

I've been meaning to make a card for some family members that just had a baby (um, last month now). With the gift cards from my birthday (and a 50% off coupon), I bought this Martha Stewart acrylic stamp set

It has all sorts of combinations of flowers, leaves, pots, grass, and some cute butterflies and bugs as well. Oh, and birds and a bow, too. I forget how many stamps there are, but you can count 'em if you're bored :)
I love the included ink pads. They are teardrop-shaped and are lovely colors. I'm gonna check Michael's to see if they have other colors/sets.
Here are some sample cards depicted on the outside of the package. I decided to do something like the upper card.

Here's my finished card:
I changed a couple of things and added a cute ladybug and butterfly, but it's pretty much the same design that was on the package. I have a Congratulations stamp set from SU so I used the main "congratulations" stamp on the front and the "on the birth of your beautiful baby" stamp on the inside.

Other cool stuff I bought with my birthday gift cards...

A Scotch adhesive gun (I need a holster so it's at the ready whenever I need to whip it out and glue something)

And this customizable self-inking stamper: the i press from Hampton Art.
You can see a picture of Hampton Art's display from CHA here. You can even choose the color of the stamper! I chose pink :) The collection includes interchangeable ink pads, a variety of acrylic stamps, and sets of tags and cards for stamping. I have an unmounted acrylic stamp for my Etsy shop so I bought the stamper (which includes one stamp and black ink) and a set of 2 ink pads (brown and white). I removed the included stamp and stuck mine on, and then I was good to go. Oh, and I changed the ink to brown. It works great. The directions had me a little stumped on how to remove the ink pad to change it, but I eventually figured it out. I guess I'm a little directions-challenged.

Well, that's all for now. Have a great weekend everybody! I'll be heading to Virginia Tech tomorrow to watch the Hokies play.

Leaf out.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One more thing from my b-day...

My friend AL and I love some Orla Kiely (I have blogged about OK before: Little Leaf Cake). If you read that post, you know that I have an OK bag with (what else?) leaves all over it. I also have an OK cushioned mat in front of the kitchen sink from her Target home collection a couple years back. It has an olive green pear pattern. 

AL gave me this leafy OK tin for my birthday. Bewley's is an Irish tea and coffee company. OK used to hang out in the Bewley's cafe as a student and a couple of years ago teamed up with Bewley's to produce this tea-filled tin in her signature "scribble-stem" pattern. The tins aren't being produced anymore so AL and I thought we wouldn't be able to find them. BUT AL was recently in Dublin and found 2! (that's all they had left) tins at Bewley's! She bought both of them and surprised me with one for my birthday. Very exciting! I haven't had any of the tea yet, but I love the tin so much, it doesn't even matter if there's tea in it :)

Leaf out.