Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Leaf Cake

Well, I am finally done with my Wilton classes. For this last set of classes, we didn't have to make a cake until the final class. AND we could design it however we wanted! Hooray! I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I should do when it occurred to me: an Orla Kiely cake! 

Orla Kiely, for those of you who don't know, is an Irish designer with a clothing line as well as purses, travel, homeware, and stationery. You may have seen some of her stuff in Target a year or so ago. Many of her patterns are floral or leaf motifs so of course I love her stuff. I couldn't find a leaf fondant cutter in the shape I wanted so I googled "making cookie cutters." I used this wikiHow article to make my own cutter. I printed out a bit of this Orla Kiely leaf pattern (my inspiration :) and cut out a leaf as a template. Then, I cut some floral foam in the shape of the leaf to use for molding the aluminum in the shape I wanted. I removed the foam, added a couple of staples to secure, and voila! My very own fondant cutter. It cost me about $5, and now I have a giant lasagna pan with a hole in the bottom (very useful, I know) and some leftover floral foam for future projects. Score!

Enough of the babbling, here is the cake! (with my Orla bag):

I couldn't get the fondant as smooth as I would have liked, but that's because it chose to stick to my mat despite my greasing it. Oh well. It's still pretty cute.

Leaf out.

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  1. I especially like it from the top because it's not symmetrical. I think if it were symmetrical it would've been too cutesy. I dig it!