Wednesday, July 14, 2010


On Saturday, we went to Valhalla Vineyards with some friends. It was a beautiful day up on the mountain. We went on a tour of their wine cave.

Isn't it beautiful and glowing? It makes me think of Harry Potter. I think I can see him, wand raised, in the very back ;)

The Gnome's birthday was Monday, and we went to a minor league baseball game in town with some friends to celebrate. It was dollar admission and dollar hot dogs! There was lots of t-shirt shooting into the crowd, rubber chicken-catching, a dance contest, cornhole games, and our local team won! The Gnome's b-day cake was yellow cake with chocolate chips and chocolate buttercream frosting. I piped a "31" on the cake and filled it in with mini chocolate chips.

In vegetable news, we have ripening tomatoes!

Must get ingredients for salsa!

In crafting news, I've been looking for a new glue gun because mine is dinky and wants to fall over all the time. After Lollychops mentioned her new one, I went on a hunt for it as well. I had one failed trip to Tuesday Morning when they were closed for inventory, but I went back, and found that they had a whole shelf full of Dremel glue guns :) Now, to figure out a crafty project to put it to good use.

Leaf out.


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