Monday, October 18, 2010

Casting on

I've been working on several things since my surgery. Some things for gifts, some things for me, and some for the shop.

My mom's (?L) birthday was yesterday, and she requested that I make her a wristlet purse.  ?L chose the larger flower print above. It's called Blooms Main Floral, and I got it at Joann's. I found the coordinating Blooms Medallions pattern for the lining of the purse. Here's the finished product:
I also whipped up a card for the ?L covered in cardstock dragonflies I punched out with a Martha Stewart punch you can find here:
I've been working on two knitting projects. One is a spirally scarf embellished with 3 knitted rosettes called Flower Vine Scarf (I can't find a picture online and only have the picture from the pattern book I'm using). I have to cast on 300! stitches, increase to 600 stitches, and then increase to 1200!!!! stitches. Luckily, there's only 6 rows. That should be interesting. At this point, I'm still casting on. 

And lastly, I've been knitting something up with this lovely yarn:
But that's a secret to be revealed later ;) The yarn knits like butta. I love it.

Have a great week everybody!

Leaf out.


  1. Aw come on, no secrets! That is a beautiful color.

    I hope you're not counting to 1200 - did you count to 300 then double the length then double it again?

  2. @EG
    I am counting to 300, but I technically don't have to count to 600 or 1200 because I will just need to make sure I increase with every stitch.