Thursday, August 26, 2010

State Fair Part 2 - Judging

Welcome to the West Virginia Building, home of the arts and crafts. My judging partner and I were in charge of two craft categories: recycled materials and decorated fashion. There were several subcategories within each. 

Here are some of the entries in the recycled materials category:

Ribbet! A froggy zippered pencil case made out of plastic soda bottles
A Santa Claus made with pinecones and goose feathers
Place settings made out of jean pockets
A poinsettia made from thin metal
And the winner is...
We gave this crocheted bag (made out of plastic grocery bags) first place and best in show. I can't imagine how long it took to make this. Someone mentioned that it would make a great beach bag.

On to decorated fashion...

This category included embellished, appliqued, and painted items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, tote bags, vests, and jewelry.

Check out these entries:
It's Tie Dye!

Decorated Aprons
I heart watermelon so of course I also love this tote bag :)
A reusable bag with a quilted applique

Clematis flowers painted on a t-shirt
(you probably can't see it but this was very detailed)

The judging went pretty quickly so we were able to help put the items in display cases and look around at other entries in different categories. Our friend AT got first place for completed scrapbook and first place/best in show for her Christmas card from last year. I remember receiving the super-complicated card and thinking, "how in the world did she make this." Here's the scrapbook and the card:

Now that I have cased out my competition, I plan on making some things to enter next year :)

Next up: random crafts and pictures from the fair...

Leaf out.


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