Monday, August 30, 2010

State Fair Part 3 - More Pictures

It's leafy! And it won a blue ribbon :) The following are some pictures that I felt like sharing. Enjoy!
I love this birdfeeder! It was made by a junior woodworker, and I can't believe it didn't win anything :( I would commission one, but I think the wind at our house would result in birdseed thrown on the ground.
This sunflower is alllllllll petals. It's so purty.
It's an ornament cake with a snow scene inside. So cute.
This cake was phenomenal! However, it was too tall according to the rules so it was disqualified. The lady should've lifted off the top tier and filled in with some extra buttercream.
I love me some owls so I of course LOVE this ornament. I even took it out of its display case to get a picture. Shhh don't tell anyone. It's made from a hollowed out gourd.
The wreath wall...I should've counted how many there were. As you can see, there were A LOT. I think I'll enter my sweet gum wreath next year. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Oh the quilts! I can't imagine how many hours went into some of these quilts. They were amazing.

This display was in the poultry building where they had turkeys, roosters, and hatching chicks. The ducks go up stairs on the right and are able to get a little treat from the yellow dish at the peak just before sliding down the other side into the water. Then, they sun themselves under the heat lamp to dry off.
This was our last game of Fat Albert (from left: GT, AT, and AW). I'll see you next year, Fat Albert :)
That's it for the fair. Start making plans to attend next year! It was a blast :)

Leaf out.

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  1. I feel like I was there! Thanks for sharing all the photos. How fun. I just made taco's like they make here at the local fair (for dinner tonight)....funny I'd come on and see your fair photos.

    Looks like a great time and great talent.

    aka Momma