Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Hoodie

I've mentioned before that I am taking a knitting class to make a baby hoodie (pattern: here). I'm halfway through the class. 2 more classes to go! I've finished the body, and the hood is done; I just have to do a three-needle bind-off (whatever that means). The class instructor is going to show me how to do that on Saturday. Then, it's on to the sleeves! The only thing left to do after that is knit a strip for the buttons and button holes on the front. It's a great first sweater pattern since there is no sewing. So here's what it looks like so far:
(that spot is just the button I placed there)

I have been working on the mobile. I have made some woodland creatures, but now I need to put it all together. Maybe I'll have it done by next week!

Leaf out.


  1. i love those buttons!What I wouldn't do for a sweater like that for myself. I tried knitting but it didn't like me:0)

  2. oh by the way are you using your tags in your blog. This helps people search for what you are crafting.

  3. This is totally amazing! Maybe I need to take a knitting class too!!

    The three-needle bind-off sounds kinda scary though... hmmmm

    HUGS Em!