Friday, April 15, 2011


The mobile is complete! Let's meet the characters...

This is Gnomar:
Meet Owliver's mini me:
This is Mr. Prickles:
Hello Toadd Stool:
And finally, Tweet:
We found a relatively straight branch in the backyard so I cut it down and attached the two 14 inch pieces with some green yarn.
Then, I used embroidery thread to string up the woodland critters so they would be facing slightly downwards. They hang about 7-8 inches from the mobile "arms." I added some coordinating felt circles and some stitched felt leaves to tie the whole thing together.
That is the Gnome's hand holding the mobile as still as possible for the picture. I don't know how long the thread to hang the mobile needs to be to hang it from the ceiling so I don't have anything attached to the top yet. And to be quite honest, I'm not really sure how I'm going to do that. Oops. I'm sure the Gnome will help me figure out some method of hanging. 

I'm still working on the baby sweater. Hood's done so now I'm working on one of the sleeves.

The nursery is painted. The changing table and crib are assembled. We have a mattress. And childbirth classes start on Monday. We're gettin' ready!

In related baby news, we had an u/s today, and Baby G was not cooperating for pictures. Probably some foreshadowing there. Whenever the u/s techs would try to get me to roll over to get the shot they wanted, Baby G would roll right along with me. Synchronized rolling! And the u/s techs exclaimed at one point and pointed at the screen to show us that Baby G was sucking on the umbilical cord. My response: "stop that!"

Leaf out.


  1. Oh my gosh it looks SO good!

    Sucking on the umbilical cord is weird. Your baby is weird.

  2. This is SO beautiful! I'm so glad gnomes are back...they really represent such a sweet idea. You amaze me with your talent, I look forward to your blog posts..darling!

  3. This is awesome!!! Mr. Prickles is my favorite!!

  4. What a perfect little mobile. Such a sweet nursery theme - your new baby is going to love it all - so darling.