Friday, September 23, 2011


First, Happy Fall!!!

Nursery tour! I know what you are thinking...finally, the kid is 2 months old, and she's just now posting pics of the nursery. Does this make it any better?
Now, that you've forgiven me, here are the pics. 

First, you meet this guy when you come through the door...
For some reason, I want to call him Raccoon Jack so that's what I'll do. 

The crib was a closeout item from JCPenney:
(If you look really closely at the crib, you'll see a raccoon behind bars.)

Look, above the crib, it's Owliver!
We got this changing table from Babies R Us, but they don't sell it anymore in this color. I love that it has a built-in hamper.
The quilt hung above it is from the Carter's Forest Friends crib set. I hand-sewed some tabs onto the back of it so we could suspend it from a curtain rod. The curtain rod (from Lowe's) has an acorn on each end. We didn't use the brackets that came with the curtain rod because it would stick out too far from the wall. Instead, I found some bronze-finish hooks at Target that worked perfectly.

The chair and a half nook (where I will be taking monthly photos of our little Leaflet):
There's Aggie! The cats all think this is their room. This picture and the next 2 were taken during our newborn photo shoot by Christine Martin Photography. She did such a great job with all the photos.
These two crafty projects hang above the dresser. The dresser was an abandoned piece of furniture in one of the Gnome's past apartments. It was painted brown and had sticker adhesive on it in several places. The Gnome, after many trips to Lowe's followed by many hours of sanding, refinished it to go with the rest of the furniture. He also removed the wooden bar drawer handles, and we replaced them with some cute knobs we found at Lowe's. It seems that this post is an advertisement for Lowe's. It's a good thing that Lowe's is so close to our house because we go there A LOT. Here's the finished dresser:
Well, that is the end of our tour. Sorry it took me so very long to post pics. If we ever get around to hanging the mobile, I'll post pics of that too.

Leaf out.


  1. That little boy of yours is so beautiful:) He has alot of you in his sweet little face:) That is such a great little room he has, I love those natural colors that just soothe.
    I hope you have a fun Halloween with that cutie patootie...God Bless! (I do hope your getting some sleep!)

  2. This is the most wonderful room ever! I love all the special touches you added (esp the projects you created and fixed up yourself). I'll have to look for those acorn rods from lowes and brackets from target! What a fabulous look that gives that awesome quilt! HUGS to you all!