Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ready, Set, DECORATE! - Wilton Course 1

Many times in the past, I have looked at Wilton course listings at Michael's and ACMoore trying to figure out if I should take them. Well, the local ACMoore was offering 50% the course fee (which is normally $45!) so I gave in to the urge and signed up. Four classes and 3 cakes later, I'm an expert cake decorator. Um, no. But I am getting better at getting a super-smooth, iced cake. I am no expert at making the Wilton Rose, but with some practice, I think I'll be able to produce some pretty decent roses. (Just between us: I think roses are just okay. Both on cakes and as real flowers. I'm more interested in making other flowers. Shhhh...don't tell anyone.) I have enjoyed the classes and found them to be helpful for learning the techniques, but the supplies are expensive! I was told by the instructor before the classes started that if I bought the 101-piece Wilton kit (available at Michael's and ACMoore, $145 without a coupon), that I would only have to buy a cake pan to get me through to course 4. Well, during the fourth class of the first course, she fessed up and said that we would still have to buy the kits (about $30 each without a coupon) for each of the following three courses. But, but, but...And you have to buy the ingredients for both the icing and cakes and make them in your spare time before class. So there's quite a bit of homework. For three of the classes out of the four, we had to make a cake and two batches of icing. We had to ice the cake prior to class and thin the remaining icing down to have different consistencies. If you decide to take these courses, make sure you are aware of both the time and monetary investment involved.

I will share my cake pictures with you. The first two are from my cell phone so the quality is low.

Cake 1 - Rainbow cake (we had to freehand the rainbow because the instructor forgot the template)

Cake 2 - Clown cake

Finale Cake - complete with Wilton Roses


  1. Awesome! It's kinda cool that at the end of your class you have a cake (or three) to eat. :) I'm particularly entranced by those clowns. You could draw their bodies so they are doing totally kooky stuff ... like, maybe, having a knife fight or getting eaten by sharks. (teehee).

  2. @futuregirl

    I'm in the midst of the second course now. We only make one cake for this one and not until the last class. My husband has been a little grumpy without cakes these past 3 weeks. I was trying to think of something more creative to do with the clowns...the next clown cake will be more exciting, I assure you :)