Friday, March 18, 2011


No, I'm not referring to March Madness (although I am currently leading my NCAA bracket group). I'm talking about embroidery hoops! I bought 3 sizes of unfinished hoops at Michael's and painted them with some Folk Art Plaid paint in dark brown.
I bought some fabrics in coordinating colors and laundered them.
Then, I simply ordered the fabric to jump into the hoops. Fabric and hoops, assemble!
After putting the fabric in the hoops, I just trimmed the edges on the back as close as possible to the hoops so it wouldn't show on the front. They are all ready to hang! If I could just figure out a way for things to hang themselves...perhaps if I wiggle my nose... The Gnome doesn't like to hang things. 

We are painting Baby G's room this weekend. I want to go ahead and get that step done because then we can start putting the crib and changing table together. 

In related crafts, I had some fabric left over from this project so I whipped up some burp cloths using a pack of cloth diapers and this tutorial. Here's the first one:
That's all for this week!

Leaf out.


  1. Cute and cute! You know you're allowed to use a hammer when pregnant, right?

  2. @EG
    Thanks! I guess I could, but the Gnome gets all concerned with the measuring and what-not. And there's no hanging things until that rooms gets painted!

  3. Where did you get that fabric???

  4. @Ryan Ann
    I got the fabric at our local Joann's. They might have them online too.