Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Basketcase...I mean, cake

Last night was the final night of Wilton Cake Decorating Course II. Unlike the first course, we only made one cake for this class. We spent three weeks fashioning flowers out of royal icing and butta-cream. We always have to take lots of supplies to class, and I pretty much have always forgotten something for each class. Last night, as I was driving in rush hour traffic (well, as much rush hour traffic as Roanoke, VA has), I realized that I'd forgotten my flowers. All of my hard work from the past three weeks was sitting on top of the dryer in the laundry room. Doh! Oh well. It didn't matter because it took me the entire class to put the dang basketweave pattern and woven rope border on the cake. Here is a before flower picture:

And to the right of the cake, you can see my arsenal of flowers. This morning, my mission was to put every single last one of these flowers on the cake in some cascading manner. I didn't use the 2D birds we made 'cause I didn't like the 2D-ness. And I did go a little crazy with leaves, but that is to be expected from me :) 

I present to you, my basket cake. Ta daaaaa!

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  1. A-MAZING CAKE!!!! I am totally blown away! I completely adore flowers AND cake and this is just too pretty to eat (ok not really but I would make sure I had a thousand pictures before I cut into it)!

    Congrats on creating such a beautiful piece of art!!!!