Monday, April 19, 2010

Got mulch?

We sure did. And lots of it. We got 12.5 cubic yards to spread around our yard, and still came up a bit short. That's 10 scoops people, the max truck load they could transport. Here is our starting pile from 2 different angles:

The mulch was delivered at 8:15 am, and we didn't finish spreading until 6:30 pm. At around 12, I collapsed onto the ground and started whining about how tired I was already (the stupid meds I'm taking for my lovely case of poison ivy are bringing me down), but after some prodding with a mulch-covered shovel, I got back up and continued on for several more hours. I wish that the Hubs had counted how many wheelbarrows loads he schlepped around, but alas, I have no such figures. He wanted me to take a victory picture of him with his shovel, but we were exhausted after spreading mulch for 8 hours so that didn't happen. So the Before pictures will have to be enough. We are both exceedingly sore after all that, but the yard looks great. Perhaps I'll go out and take some pictures of the yard post-mulch today for your viewing pleasure. Happy Monday everyone!

P.S. I hope I didn't subject myself to more poison ivy in the mulching process because I definitely came across more in our yard. Which reminds Lowe's for Roundup!


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